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I have a great sense of humor and I am eager to provide solutions to any problem.

I wanted to be a voice actor since I figured out there was a man behind the transforming hero of my favorite cartoon. 

So, I took the leap to follow my passion and to be home for my family. Otherwise, I'd be out in the Canadian Oilfields swinging wrenches, building refineries, processing plants and retiring with a bad back, sore joints and family who grew up while I was away at work.

I wanted to take my 15+ years experience as a Journeyman Pipefitter with me into this new venture but unfortunately there's not much crossover.


So I went to school. I took a 6 month Comprehensive Voiceover Diploma Program through On the Mic Training and graduated near the top of my class.   


Where they taught me to read, produce and perform high quality voiceovers for commercials, e-learning, video games, narrations, podcasts and animations.


Brian VO
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With my construction background, I built my custom Home Studio with acoustical sound treatment throughout for a professional recording quality,

with my noise floor bouncing around the -65 db mark.


-I use Windows 11 PC Workstation with Reaper 6 DAW

- Izotope RX-8 & 10 and Waves Audio Plugins  

- Universal Audio Volt 2 Interface

- CAD E100Sx and AKG P220 Condenser Mics

- Source-Connect Standard


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Booth VO

Grew a lot and impressed me with many things. Wonderful voice and greatly suited for video games.

~Michael Antonakos~

Brian is consistently professional and great to work with.

~Giles Panton~

Great job on pyramiding ideas and connecting to audience. Took re-direction really well and increased intensity/stakes.

~Kendall Cross~

Let's Connect,Socially

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